If you or a loved one are burdened with an addiction, there is hope, there is healing, and there is an answer.

Our main focus is to help women and women with children with drug and alcohol addiction to be SET FREE through a personal relationship with Jesus.

The Mountain Ministries Life Skills Training Center For Women and Children occupies buildings in the old Rainier High School facility.

Children of women in the program are welcome.
(Restriction for boys age 10 and over)

Meet our Women's Staff

What to Bring

  • A Bible, notebook, and pen
  • several changes of clothing, inluding appropriate dress for church
    (*because of limited space we ask that you limit your clothing to no more than 2 large suitcases)
  • a willing attitude: you are here to be changed by the program, not to change the program

What Not to Bring

  • cell phones, radios, TVs, or other electronic devices
  • secular or non-worship style music CD's, magazines, or books
  • clothing depicting skulls or other secular media
  • jewelery for face or body piercings: you will be asked to remove it
  • tobacco products
  • drugs or alcohol
  • prescription medications, anti-depressants, etc. If you need to taper off of medication do so before your arrival: we are not a medical facility.
  • No Used Pillows or stuffed animals will be allowed
  • No perfume, hair spray or other items with alcohol as one of the ingredients
    All clothing items will be gone through washed and dried upon arrival

Screening Requirements

  • No Tobacco Use of Any Kind
  • No Sex Offenses on Record
  • No Child Abuse Offences
  • No Prescription Medication including pain medication, psychiatric medication, antidepressants, etc
  • Cannot be required to complete treatment outside of The Mountain
  • No male children over the age of 10 years
  • Must be committed to the full year