The Mountain Ministry Staff

We are proud of our staff!

First, they are all graduates of our programs. They have been where you are and they have been healed! Second, none of Mountain Ministry’s staff have ever been paid a salary. Their treasure is in heaven! They lay down their lives for those they serve. If you feel led to donate directly to our staff support, visit our donations page here.

Michael and Desirée Bayles
Women's Program Directors

Michael and Desirée Bayles graduated from Mountain Ministries in 2013. The couple married about a year later and now have a son named Judah. Michael served as Assistant Director to the men’s program for several years while Desirée helped serve at the women’s program in Rainier, Oregon. Since 2017, they have served as the Women’s Program Directors. The building and property have had many improvements under their direction and miracles happen consistently during their time here. Their heart and love for the women and children are known and appreciated by all.

Frank and Darla Austin
Assistant Directors, Women's Program

Frank and Darla are recent graduates of Mountain Ministries who now serve under Michael and Desiree Bayles. They met while in ministry in Arizona and have been serving the Lord together for over 5 years in outreach, as well as worship music ministry. Frank and Darla lead by example and teach good stewardship of the grounds and buildings on the women’s side.

Bobbi Heib
Women's Intake Coordinator

Bobbi has been involved with Mountain Ministries for over 10 years and assists in many areas. She is the Intake Coordinator for the women’s side, and also coordinates many of the office and administrative functions of our Mountain Christian Academy. Bobbi occasionally teaches classes, takes on staff shifts, and is a loving voice of counsel for the women and children in the program.

Kelly Otton
Men's Program Director
Men's Intake Co-ordinator (with Jami)

Kelly Otton has been the Men’s Director since 2007. He graduated the program in 2005 along with his son Dakota. His wife Jami also graduated the program in 2008. They were married that same year and now have 4 beautiful children. Several challenges have arisen in the ministry during their many years of faithful service. Through the Otton family, God has proven His faithfulness time and time again.

Scott and Lynn Parsons
Assistant Directors, Men's Program

Scott has been at the ministry since 2010, Lynn since 2017. They enjoy coming alongside the men and helping them develop a relationship with Jesus and reminding them that they are not alone. Scott and Lynn take the men on wood crew trips to Montana where they share their love and foster unity in Christ.

Derek and Samantha Becker
Directors, The Vine

Derek and Samantha Becker direct Mountain Ministry’s men’s graduate transition house. This program is called The Vine. Derek graduated the men’s program in 2013. Samantha supported and moved up to ministry leadership while her husband was in the program. They have been overseeing The Vine since 2015. Their testimony gives hope to many other married couples struggling with addiction. They continue to be a light to everyone they come across.

Gary and Fay Miller
Executive Directors
Director, Mountain Christian Academy

Gary and Fay Miller serve as Executive Directors and are the Founders of Mountain Ministries. The ministry started in their home over 50 years ago. Now it has developed into both women’s and men’s programs. The obedience to God in their lives has influenced countless men, women, and children, helping them know God and saving them from the destruction of addiction. Their love for everyone is reflected in the family that has been created through God here at the Ministry. Years of faith, love and longsuffering have been a true mark of their ministry, continuing through the staff that are called to serve here.
Gary also serves as director for our homeschool co-op, Mountain Christian Academy.

Michelle Marander

Michelle Marander is our administrator. She graduated in 2007 and has since filled many positions, helping to oversee every part of the ministry. Without the help of Michelle and the rest of the staff, this ministry could not operate.